The youth, family and children violence has become a significant problem in many countries.

According to Amnesty International in Poland there was almost 100 thousands family violence victims last year among them almost 58 % of woman. According to tnsOBOP in Poland violence against children is very often, almost 15 % of respondents lives in families where children are the domestic violence victims. Most of the children suffers mental violence, but the corporal and sexual violence is also popular.

In Portugal almost 57 % of woman have ever  suffered violence most of them suffered corporal violence but also sexual and psychical violence. In Portugal, the average age of the victims of domestic violence is deemed to be between 26 and 45. Portugal has adopted a strategy to prevent and combat this phenomenon that entails one hand, concrete legislative options and, on the other hand awareness raising campaigns public debates, a closer collaboration with non-governmental organisations that operate in this area and seriously assuming the protection and recuperation of the victim of domestic violence.

In Italy almost 70 % of woman have ever suffered violence, most of them suffered corporal violence from their partners or husbands. In this country the violence is hidden at home and not revealed. Woman mostly suffers corporal violence but the economical and mental violence is also the problem.

One of the most effective methods of preventing such situations is teaching young people mutual respect, conducting the awarness rising campaigns for society, educating specialists, authorities and representatives of different bodies that have an influence on policies concerning violence. 

The Merkury Foundation has been dealing with the violence problem for almost 15 years, DESINCOOP and AGORA Consortium have been  working for disadvantage people for several years among whom the victims and violence perpetrators are.  Each country implements its own national methods of preventing violence and helping violence victims. In each country different organisations, persons and bodies are dealing with this problem. In Period 2006 -2008 the Applicant implemented transnational projects withing he Equal Initiative  - SEND - Social Economy Network Development. The project gave each partner's country a chance to broaden horizons on the social economy  (Greece, Italy, Portugal) and the social problems that mayby solved by the social economy. In that period  project's partners identyfied social problems: social exclusion caused by unemployment, drugs and alcohol abuse, disability. But drug and alcohol abuse as well as long term unemployment may cause violence in families and affect directly to the families members. Children take exapmle from their parents and copy similar behaviours. Preventing violence wouldn't be possible if the local and regional authorities and NGO's wasn't involved in that process. That is why the project's partners pointed three important targets groups that will affect on situation of children, youth and woman:

- social workers - families, children, woman,

- representatives of authorities and NGO's working in are of violence - creating and implementing common preventive programme,

- specialists / experts: psychologists, trainers, therapeutists, educators etc - working directly with violence victimes and perpetrators. 

The project's partners have exchanges data and statistics concerning violence problem in each country as well as prepared areas in which each target group should work. As each target groups is able to share and expand their knowledge, partners decided to ask them to prepared some research and educational task home in order to implement the most effective methods of working with violence victims and perpetrators. Summarising the project is dedicated directly to persons who are able to change the local and regional policy concerning youth, children, families violence, persons who can create  and obtain funds for programmes that will help to solve violence problems in each countries as well as persons who can direcly use innovative and effective methods of working wih violence victims and perpetrators. The project concerns priority - Field work at grass - roots level. The poject will involved indirectly children, young people  and woman in creating programmes  that will empower them   and protect agains the violence or improve the national systems of helping violence victims.

The project is based on educational activities organised on the international level as well as at national levels: national level - international workshops for three target groups - the national level: home task: research, collecting the best practices, local educational activities ( trainings for school teachers, meeting with families, children, school pupils).

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