1. to increase knowledge and skills of 15 social workers form Poland, Portugal and Italy in are of using innovative methods of working with families suffering domestic violence problem,

2. to increase knowledge and skills of 15 representatives of NGO and authorities from Poland, Portugal and Italy in area of creation common local initiatives preventing violence among youth, peers, children and woman on the base of the international experience,

3. to increase knowledge and skills of 15 specialists working in area of violence issue in working and helping violence's vistims on the base of international experience,

4. to exchange experience and knowlegde on preventing violence problem against woman, chilldren and youth between theree target gropups: scial workers, representatives of NGO and authorities, specialists on violence ,

5. to increase awareness of local societies on violence problem - rising awareness campaign.


The direct target groups are:


1. social workers - working directly with families suffering domestic violence - 15 persons,

2. representatives of NGO's, bodies, and authorities dealing with violence issues - 15 persons,

3.specialists (psychologists, therapeutists, educators, experts) - working directly with violence victims and perpetrators 15 persons.



The indirect beneficiaries are:

1. Members of disadvantages families suffers violence that work with social workers min. 300 families,

2. Local and regional societies from Poland, Portugal, Italy– min 15 000 persons, 

3. Teachers, educators, parents min – 300 persons 


Above mentioned target groups ware selected as they have a direct influence on the violence policies and prevention.

Social workers work directly with disadvantages families where the violence problem is very serious as a result of drug and alcohol abuse. They have possibilities of using different tools and methods of helping children, woman and other memebers of the families suffering domestic violence. Having a chance of  getting familiar with different methods used abroad in partners counties and implementing them on local field they will improve their work with families and increase the quality of the services

Representatives of NGO, bodies and local/regional authorities have a direct influence on local and regional violence policies. It is very important to show them different approach towards soliving problems concerning violence. Thanks to the project they will have a chance on implementing different solutions on the base of transnational experience in their society as well as create common antiviolence programmes.

The specialists work directly with violence's victims as well as with violence perpetrators. They have skills and knowledge how to deal with people suffering violence but the international experiences will expand their horizons. Their tasks will be to prepare school teachers, pupils and their parents how to cope with violence at school and at Home.

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